Hi! My name is Gloria and I’m an Italian freelancer.

Let’s get to know each other better!


You want to have clear and fluent texts. You really want them, but you are always in a rush. You have your clients to help and your products and services to create. You need a lot of energy and time seems to fly.

You have your business to manage and you don’t trust in the “power” of Google Translate; you know that your employees and your rooms (equipment included) are not for free. You prefer to let your staff have tasks they love and are good at, and to risk less in public image and reliability.

You are ready to look for someone choosing the appropriate words for you, somebody to share your development project with: let your business known as much as possible.

You are looking for this person now because you believe in your business and you invest in it every single day.


You have good news: you are not still working till late to finish your texts. You love your new material because it represents you and you are enthusiastic to share it.

What would you do if you went back in time? You would do it again and again, but without waiting so long. You would do it immediately.


I am the person here to help you reaching your goals. Don’t miss this opportunity: have a look at it!

WHAT: My proposal for you consists in “translations with heart” and “stylish writing”. *
My mother tongue is Italian and the main foreign languages I work with are English and Spanish.
I can manage your online and offline texts.

HOW: You only need an internet connection to manage your project with me; an easy and convenient way to reach your goals.

P.S.: One more thing: I have a Bachelor’s degree in translation and interpreting.


* You don’t know what it is a “translation with heart” but you could need it.
You don’t know the meaning of “stylish writing” but you go on communicating.
So, you are in the right place!

I support freelancers and small medium businesses to understand and make them understood.

I materialize your ideas: using the writing I express your thoughts and concepts.
I convert your texts changing the words but not distorting their meanings.
✓ I simplify communication between you and others. I help you to communicate with people who don’t speak your language.
I make your work easier to manage: you will have more time and energy.

You only need an internet connection to manage your project with me; it doesn’t matter the place you are typing from.

You can send me an email at or fill in this form: